Don’t Miss Out On The Sweet And Savoury Cones At The Chimney Factory Mumbai

Don’t Miss Out On The Sweet And Savoury Cones At The Chimney Factory Mumbai

It’s always exciting to see food trends emerging especially when it’s happening in our own city. Just like popular joints where one can grab a donut or a gelato or something unique in an international city, we now have a pick up point for sumptuous cones in Mumbai – The Chimney Factory.

What Makes It Special

The experimentation and the freshness of the food are the plus points of The Chimney Factory. The cones be it savoury or sweet are made to order, freshly cooked right in front of your eyes. The experimentation of making a savoury cone with cheese and herbs as well as the play on flavours also makes the place, one of a kind. And now that you know why this place is special, let’s head on to what I experienced with regards to the taste.

The Food

I started off with a Pineapple and Popcorn cooler and while it might sound absurd to some, the smoky, popcorn aftertaste was actually quite nice. This drink would be really refreshing with one of their spicy, savoury cones. Speaking of which I tried their Mexican cone which was loaded with fiery salsa, guacamole and refried beans. It was delicious and I loved the herbs and the cheese on the cone as well. Perfect takeaway for the spice enthusiasts of Mumbai.

Their dessert cones dominate the savoury ones in variety and are oh so good. As I’m not too big on sweets, I tried the Tiramisu Cone which was luscious and very nicely done. The Oreo dusted cone, vanilla sponge, coffee filling, mascarpone cheese, duet soft swirl and coco powder dust on top made for a perfect ice-cream cone for a gourmet food lover. Do try these lovely cones, coolers and milkshakes for yourself at The Chimney Factory and you’ll surely find a go-to snacking place in Bandra!

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