Don’t Forget To Check Out Punjab Grill’s New Winter Menu

Savour age-old traditional recipes from the culinary-rich land Punjab as Punjab Grill– the flagship restaurant from the house of Lite Bite Foods is all set to introduce its new winter menu. This unique menu features winter delicacies to bring the essence of the heartland of Punjab to your city.


Start your meal with culinary gems such as Kaali Gajar di Kaanji, Jail Road Kharodey, Khumbi Wala Nimbu Dhaniya Shorba and Ambasari Macchi De Pakode. The highlight of the menu is Kunna meat, meat pressed in a kunna (earthen pot), along with mustard oil, onions, chillies, ginger and garlic to make an unforgettable braised and stewed mutton.

Experience a host of various flavorful dishes including Sarso Da Saag, Methi Murgh and Hara Choliya Wadi, accompanied with Jowari Missi, Til Gur Wali Ro and Makee Di Ro.

Continue to dwell in the food heaven with desserts such as the decadent Pinni, Baked Kalakand Pie, and Gur Di Kheer made with fox nuts and laced with nutmeg powder and saffron.