Donald Trumps’s Inauguration Day Luncheon Menu Is Out, Here’s A Look

This is it. it’s 20th January, the day American politics will remember for a long time to come – for good or for bad, we can’t really say (we place our money on the latter though). Despite a plethora of controversies, scandals, and whatnots, Mr. President-Elect Donald Trump will formally begin his time in the White House and the Oval Office as the 45th President of The United States.

And as I write this, people gather near the St. John’s Church to witness the quadrennial event, and a team of highly equipped and talented personnel whips up the inaugural luncheon behind the curtains. And that is what interests us most about this year’s ceremony.

The luncheon menu has been revealed, and no, it is not mac and cheese. The spread for the inauguration lunch, which will be attended by Trump, his family, and associates after the swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol, will include Maine lobster, chocolate soufflé, and various California wine pairings (that we can only hope are not from Trump’s wineries).Donald Trumps's Inauguration Day Luncheon Menu Is Out, Here's A Look

“The inaugural luncheon provides an opportunity for members of both parties to come together and, in the same spirit of all our Inaugural events, show the world how uniquely American we are in our peaceful transfer of power,” Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., chairman of the Congressional Inaugural Committee, said in a statement.

Apart from the Maine lobster and chocolate soufflé, the complete menu includes gulf shrimp served with saffron sauce and peanut crumble; Angus beef with dark chocolate and juniper jus; and chocolate soufflé with cherry vanilla ice cream. California vintners to complement the flavors of the meal have specifically created the wines. But apparently Trump will not be partaking in the wine and Champagne pairings as he is a teetotaler. 


Featured Image: Ben E. Keith