Donald Trump Leaves A Whopping 892% Tip At A Coffee House

US Presidential candidate Donald Trump is known for making news whenever he sits down for a meal or visits an eatery. Be it his secular taco bowl, the fork and knife stint at KFC or the first floor paranoia, Trump has hit social media headlines for ‘em all! And true to his streak, the White House aspirant is trending yet again for a visit to the Versailles Restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

After Monday night’s presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, the Republican presidential nominee was captured at the café/bakery ordering some coffee and pastry. According to an employee at the eatery, Trump ordered a Cuban coffee, ham croquettes, and guava pastries.

donald-trumpImage: Eater

And that’s not even the fun part. Here’s what has really got us rubbing our eyes and reading reports related to the café visit again and again. Donald Trump left a massive tip of $83! Now, in comparison to the “small loan of a million dollars” and the whopping tax amount that he has very “smartly” skipped, the tip is but a mere amount.

But look at it this way, a look at the Versaille menu by Eater revealed that Cuban coffee ($2.25), an order of croquettes ($5.95), and pastries ($1.10) comes out to $9.30. Which means that an $83 tip on a $9.30 tab is an astounding 892 percent!

Now, 892 per cent in tip is generous even for Trump. Or maybe he was just covering up for his smart tax moves that were unearthed earlier that day. Who knows?


P.S. Trump, who has earlier been very clear about his (dis)like for coffee, actually took a sip from the cup!


Source: Eater

Feature Image: playbuzz