Donald Trump Loves Hispanics, Eats Taco Bowl To Prove It

One of our “favorite” candidates for this year’s US Presidential elections, Donald Trump, has proved yet again that he ain’t a racist. So what if he wants to build a “great wall” along the Southern American border? He time and again proves that he’ll be at his “tolerant best” when and if he becomes president. And this time the man ate an entire taco bowl to prove it!

The up-front tad too frank Trump indulged in a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo and even tweeted a picture of himself doing so. Aww! Isn’t that just totally adorbs? Here, have a look.


We Smell Lies

Of course this too comes with a lot of ironies and fake claims in tow. The first one being that apparently these taco bowl or burrito bowls, as they are also called, are in fact American inventions and have nothing whatsoever to do with Hispanic kitchens.

Secondly, the very resourceful Andrew Kaczynski over at BuzzFeed called the Trump Café and Trump Grill folks to find out that the taco bowl is actually offered at the Trump Café not the Trump Tower Grill as claimed by the man himself.tumblr_inline_n08q3nXwCr1rh3k1r


Anywho, it’s the feeling that counts, right? Also, does this mean no wall after all? After all we need to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’!