Donald Trump Just Inspired A Canadian Brewery In The Most Fake Fashion!

Donald Trump is known for tweeting the most absurd and some even hilarious statements. Some of these tweets include calling out media houses, news channels, and even journalists for reporting what according to him is “fake news”. Case in point:

And many more. Clearly, either Trump knows more than he’s letting on or his definition of “fake” and “real” is very different from the rest of us. Nonetheless, a Canadian Brewing Company called Northern Maverick Brewing Co. that has decided to “Make Beer Great Again” by launching its first beer, “Fake News Ale,” which draws inspiration from President Trump, has taken his calling out in a positive and productive light.

Image: PR News Wire

Packaged impeccably with a caricature image of Trump on its label, Fake News Ale was created by Northern Maverick Brewing Co. to “offer a respite from the bleak political developments of late,” and is described as “an easy-drinking beer that lends itself to long discussions [about] world events with friends,” reads the company’s press release.

“With tongue firmly in cheek, the beer was found to pair well with small hands, striking comb overs, huge egos and all things Mexican.” Tongue and cheek is right, because the Northern Maverick Twitter handle went ahead to take brutal digs at the President.


But apart from throwing massive shade at Trump’s ways the beer also serves a cause, which will be decided by a poll on he brewery’s website where people can vote on which cause the funds will be donated to. Five per cent of the beer’s sales will go towards serving Americans to reverse a “questionable policy.”

The beer will be available for order at the Northern Maverick brewery, in their beer shop, and also via delivery in Ontario. Also, the brewery is all set to open this summer with an 11,000 square-foot brewery and restaurant on Bathurst Street in the King West area and will feature a 400-seat eatery and bar, addition to a retail store offering their own craft beers.


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