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Donald Trump Had His Favourite Junk Food Recreated


Donald Trump’s love for big macs that he apparently consumed in massive numbers during his 2016 campaign is not unknown, and neither are all the substantially unhealthy changes that he’s made in the White House pantry. However, here is the mother of all fast food demands made by the POTUS – to recreate his favourite McDonald’s grubs in the White House kitchen.


Of Apple Pies & Quarter Pounders

The staff of one of Washington DC’s most resourceful kitchens was asked by the President to make a bunch of McD staples that he relishes. This included the likes of Quarter Pounders and fried apple pies.

Now, his KFC-eating skills may be questionable, but when it comes to his McD order, Trump wants nothing but the best. According to an article published by Politico about Trump’s former bodyguard David Schiller, who worked for the president until September 2017, Mr. President sent Schiller running to a nearby McDonald’s outlet to get him some takeaway apple pies and quarter pounders as the White House kitchen was unable to replicate either of the two items.

The account also reports that despite holding a rather senior position, “head of Oval Office operations”, Schiller was often dispatched to the nearest McDonald’s outlet to get Trump his heart’s desire during last year’s election campaign. “Egg McMuffins were often the order in the morning, or two quarter-pounders and a large fries later in the day,” the story quotes a former aide saying.

Meanwhile, having failed at whipping up basic fast food, the White House kitchen staff sits doubting its own cooking skills.


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