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Donald Trump Eats KFC With A Fork And Knife Much To Twitter’s Amusement


The internet has been having a bit of fun lately with Donald Trump. After a few bumps in the road following the Democratic Convention, Trump appears to be trying to win some public appeal through a photo of himself eating KFC. After all, he’s just like the regular folks, right?


KFC Goes Fancy

But, wait, look a little closer. Is he actually eating KFC with a knife and fork? A knife and fork that appear to be sterling silver? Oh, no. As any regular person would tell him, that’s no way to enjoy the juicy deliciousness that is Kentucky Fried Chicken. You have to dig in, feel the texture of the chicken and make a complete mess. But that may have ruined his suit.

Twitter Has A Field Day

As expected, the Twitterati were quick to mock the photo. One wonders why there’s a tumbler of salt near his plate:

Another wonders whether Trump may be the next representative for Colonel Sanders:

Someone else took the opportunity to explain why he was using a knife and fork:

His hands do look a little small in this picture, don’t they? Perhaps its because of the private jet background. A regular person? Not so much.