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Donald Trump Clinches Republican Nomination & He’s Lovin’ It


The cotton candy-haired billionaire could be (but shouldn’t be) POTUS candidate Donald Trump managed to secure the Republican nomination. Turns out the man was, somehow, able to bag enough delegates. Oh well.

Moving on, Trump was quick to make his celebration public. It was on an a private jet, of course. The real estate magnate grabbed a big mac, some fries a diet coke and posted this picture to Instagram.


Big Fake?

The clearly untouched burger, mini soda bottle and EMPTY box of fries screamed out “poser”! And it wouldn’t take a Sherlock to figure that out, TBH. I mean come on, Trump is the same person who tweeted this about Diet Coke.

So he either considers himself to be not “thin” or simply likes his sodas sans the fizz. Ever heard of juice, sir?

Anywho, Trump’s love for Big Macs has been re-instated in the past so let’s not jump to conclusions. He’s even praised the fast food joint saying, “I like cleanliness, and I think you’re better off going there than maybe some place that you have no idea where the food is coming from.”

Or maybe this is just one of his ways to win over the American population by eating what they probably love the most. Who knows? But, empty box of fries!!


I plead confused.

Source: CNN

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