Domino’s v/s Pizza Hut: Which One’s Your Pizza Heaven? #POLL

Among the various foods that the Italians introduced us to, the one we eat the most is probably pizza. And thanks to globalization and the Americans’ entrepreneurship prowess, we now have access to pizza all the time, a.k.a., Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza Inc. Both the pizza joints have gained a massive fan following across the globe. And very seldom would you find a Domino’s devotee ordering at Pizza Hut and vice versa. Because even though both roll out pizzas, they have distinct characteristics that set the two apart and even make them better than the other in certain ways.

Founded at a gap of only two years both American pizza chains specialize in Italian-American menus with a number of sides, drinks, and desserts. While the (now) Yum! Brands owned Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 in Kansas, Domino’s Pizza Inc. followed soon after in 1960 in Michigan. Both were quick to grab the attention of the masses throughout America, and soon after the world. Speaking of, which of the two pizza magnates do you rely on? Vote for them below!

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