Domino’s Plans To Part Ways With Coca-Cola In India, Rope In Pepsi

Jubilant Food Works (JFL) operated Domino’s Pizza may witness a rare instance of a multinational brand seeking to terminate a global partnership in India. Domino’s Pizza may swap Coca-Cola for PepsiCo which will result in JFL ending its 20-year exclusive partnership with Coke in the country.

Industry watchers suggest that this move is aimed at cost savings. “We have enjoyed a strong partnership with Coca-Cola India over the last 20 years. As we look to build our business for the next phase of growth, we have initiated a process to look at various options and identify the right beverage partner who can help strengthen our beverage portfolio and drive growth,” a JFL spokesperson said.

Coke or Pepsi?

Domino's Plans To Part Ways With Coca-Cola In India, Rope In Pepsi

“Large food chains may switch their beverage exclusivity for better commercial terms and stronger advertising and marketing support. Sometimes it may also be to shake up the status quo by injecting a competitive element,” Lloyd Mathias, former senior PepsiCo executive and business consultant said.