Domino’s New ‘Zero Click’ App Orders Pizza Without You Having To Lift A Finger


Domino’s has done it again. After rolling out DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), a robotic delivery device in Australia, the fast food chain has launched a new ordering feature in the USA; Zero Click. True to its name, a user no longer has to click on any options while ordering Domino’s pizza – they simply have to open the app and wait for their order to get placed.

Easy Order

To use the Zero Click app, a user must set up the ‘Easy Order’ option with a Domino’s account. In this option, the user must save a preferred order, account details and an address. Then, they open the Zero Click app, which begins a 10 second countdown clock. If the clock isn’t stopped or the app isn’t exited within those ten seconds, the preferred order automatically gets placed and a customer will have a pizza at their door with literally zero clicks.


If you open the app by mistake, there is an option to pause the timer and exit it. Swiping up in the app will give you the order information including the items that will be ordered and the address.

“It’s an ordering application that really doesn’t require you to do anything,” said Chief Digital Officer of Domino’s, Dennis Maloney. “We like to say we used to be a pizza company that sold online and we’ve now become an e-commerce company that sells pizza,” he added.


What about pocket dialling, we wonder? Other than that, however, we think it’s a pretty awesome idea. It’ll probably turn consumers into even larger (literally) couch potatoes but – pizza! Sadly, Zero Click has not reached India yet. Until then, we’ll have to make do with clicking and swiping; even though it’s a thing of the past. Watch the video advertising Zero Click here below.