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Domino’s In Japan Is Planning To Use Reindeer To Deliver Pizza


Every Christmas, millions of children across the world believe that Santa will jump on his reindeer carriage to ride to their homes and deliver presents. This year, that fantasy is actually coming true, except it isn’t Santa, but Domino’s which is using reindeer to deliver pizza, not presents.


Trained Delivery Reindeer

According to RocketNews24, which is typically at the forefront of reporting all the weird and wacky stuff Japan does, Domino’s Japan is training reindeer to deliver pizzas in Ishikara in Northern Japan.

The pizzas will be packed in a thermal pizza container and then hoisted onto the reindeer’s back. Reindeer are better at navigating through deep snow and slippery ice than humans, and so may be able to deliver pizza in remote areas. Also, since the reindeer presumably don’t command any pay, they may be a cheaper option than employing delivery men.


Domino’s will release the training status of its reindeer on their website tomorrow and will give customers weekly updates.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find a pizza bearing reindeer standing at your door. That would be better than a bucket full of toys, wouldn’t you say?