Domino’s India Teams Up With Zippr To Make Address Giving Way Easier

“I’d like a barbeque chicken pizza, thin crust please. My address is 22 Sharma towers – behind the- and -such bakery. Oh, sorry that was demolished. It’s next to such-and-such girls’ high school; wait that’s a supermarket now. Oh, I’ll just come downstairs and pick it up. Please tell your delivery guy to come to the post office, it’s five minutes away from my house.”


Does that sound like a familiar scenario? In most cities in India, with ever changing landmarks and names, giving directions to delivery personnel is harder than describing the topping you want on your pizza. And, let’s face it, ordering pizza should not be a stressful experience.


Thankfully, Domino’s realised that we don’t want to have to change out of our pyjamas and go hunt the streets for delivery men, so they partnered up with Zippr, a Hyderabad based company that aims to make giving addresses much more simple.

Minimize Your Address


Zippr replaces the concept of the four line address with an eight character code, called a ‘Zippr’. Once an individual creates their own unique Zippr code, delivery personnel will be able to locate their addresses using GPS navigation set for each code. Aside from food delivery, Zippr can be used for Emergency Services, and E Commerce.

Zippr and Domino’s

The ability to use a Zippr code has already been integrated on the Domino’s pizza mobile app and web platforms. Domino’s plans to include the option to use the Zippr code when placing phone orders by the end of the year. The feature will be launched first in Delhi NCR and then rolled out to various other cities.


With stress free ordering, will your pizza get even more delicious?