Domino’s India Launches Its Campaign For The BurgerPizza

After having received a tremendous amount of attention for its BurgerPizza, Domino’s India has rolled out its advertising campaign for the new hybrid creation.

The BurgerPizza

We’ve already delved into details about the BurgerPizza here, but here’s a recap. The BurgerPizza looks like a burger, but tastes like a pizza; the burger buns are put in an oven and, instead of a patty are filled with tomato sauce, veggies and mozzarella.


The BurgerPizza was created to go past the fixed meal market – when pizzas tend to be ordered -and venture into the all day dining market. “What we found is that burgers and sandwiches are consumed all day and are not considered meal replacements,” said S Murugan to Campaign India.

The Campaign

To get people excited about the BurgerPizza and all day dining, Domino’s has employed Contract Advertising to create a campaign. The brief given was to create an ad film “as innovative and different as the product itself.” Here’s what they came up with:


While we’ve got to say that kid and staff member seemed a bit rude, our moods were redeemed by the look of the Burger Pizza – didn’t that cheese oozing out make your Monday?
See whether the Burger Pizza is as good in taste as it is on screen. It’s now available at Dominos outlets across India at Rs. 89.