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Domino’s Had Everyone Hooked With This Absurd Tweet


Marketing today goes way beyond traditional print, TV, and even campaigns. The consumer today, or the younger consumer that is more active on social media, is more likely to lap up a brand’s offering if they come off as equally – if not more – tech savvy, witty, and clever in their approach. Something we’ve witnessed quite a lot of late in the form of sass-laden tweets (yes, we’re looking at you McD, Burger King, and KFC). Something pizza giant Domino’s is getting pretty darn nifty at.

Yesterday, the fast food chain posted a rather incoherent tweet, which at first got all its followers questioning the chain’s technical and social media skills. Here’s what Domino’s Pizza tweeted.

Now, our first reaction was to believe that it was an error (we live in the world of covfefe, after all!). And as if that wasn’t enough, they followed it up with yet another incomplete tweet.

Clearly, the most affected was DiGiorno Pizza.

And it is safe to say that people had their memes and jokes ready to burn the life out of Domino’s. Of course, Wendy’s was also summoned!

And finally, the big reveal happened 12 hours later when the pizza chain posted their “awesome deal”, which was this.

You say lame, we say brilliant! Domino’s had people checking back for more half worded tweet errors and their new deal as well. Followers actually turned on notifications to know as soon as the pizza chain tweeted. And upon finding out about the deal, they were supremely impressed, to say the least.

If this isn’t smart marketing, then what is? Well played, Domino’s. Well played.

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