Dolce & Gabbana’s Latest Collection Is Absolutely Delicious

No, the design house hasn’t partnered up with a vegetable market. However, their latest collection, which draws inspiration from fresh greens, suggests otherwise. Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of high-end kitchen appliances and now they’re creating ripples in the food world again with their Spring 2018 collection.


Showcased at the Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018, the range packed a vibrant punch with its Queen of Hearts theme that stood out for its bold motifs and elements. Models walked down the runway in slick silhouettes that displayed imageries of soup cans, playing cards, and healthy green vegetables.


D&G took things a step further with chunky statement jewellery that was also inspired by fruits and vegetables. The models strutted away wearing – and carrying – some really head-turning accessories, which included chunky headgears, blingy neckpieces, sunglasses, and iconic handbags.

Further, the ensemble was accessorised with some actual fresh greens to complete the Spring look.


The pieces were not just high on design but utility as well. This precious white crochet bag, for instance. Tell me you don’t want to carry that to the beach!

But it wasn’t just farm vegetables that made it to the runway, a few of the pieces also featured tiny baked foods like cannolis and mini custard tarts in their collection.

From over the top statement looks to subtle traditional ones, the range looks simply gorgeous. Though what’s really got us rooting for this spring collection is how D&G has managed to spell out S-P-R-I-N-G with just the right amount of detail, style, ease, and élan!

This, however, is not the season’s first apparel and food collaboration. A few weeks ago, fast food chain McDonald’s launched a range of cool street wear and jumpsuits. Meanwhile, Taco Bell and Forever 21 too are gearing up to roll out a range of clothing soon!


Images: Elle

Feature Image: Twitter