Is your Dog Eating Grass? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Have you noticed your canine companion munching on blades of grass when he’s out and about? It’s not an unusual sight; even dogs in the wild have been seen enjoying some of the green stuff.


However, should you be worried? Is it a cause of concern? Here’s all that you need to know about Fido’s herbivorous habits.

Why Does He Do It?

Dogs munch on grass for a variety of reasons. Wild dogs, the ancestors of pet dogs typically hunted and fed on whole animals like rodents or small mammals. Since they ate all the parts of the animal, they ingested the fibers that that animal had fed on.

Today, pet dogs are fed a variety of diets, some of which do not include fibers in the correct forms. To make up for that, they instinctively eat plants, fruits and even berries to get their fiber quota. Other reasons could be if your pet has intestinal worms – the grass will improve digestion which will help wipe these out.


Sometime, dogs simply eat grass because they’re bored.  

What Are The Effects?

While eating grass is not dangerous (unless the grass is treated with a heavy amount of pesticides) it has been found to make some dogs throw up. This is because when they’re ingested whole, the grass blades tickles the throat and stomach lining causing an upset stomach and nausea.

Other than this, experts see no dangers in allowing your dog to munch on it once in a while.

Substituting The Grass

 However, it may be worth adjusting your dog’s diet slightly to ensure it is fulfilling all his nutritional needs. If you notice your dog chowing down grass begin adding small servings of cooked vegetables to their diet.


Additionally, consult with your vet to decide whether you should be giving him or her a round of de-worming.