Dog Carrying Food After A Hurricane in Texas Is A Now A Celebrity

A 6-year old dog Otis was seeing carrying a bag of dog food soon after the storm Harvey hit Texas. To prepare him for the storm, his owner’s grandfather, Salvador Segovia put Otis in the home’s screened-in back porch with some food and water.

“I stuck my head out yelling and yelling, and no Otis,” Segovia told chron. “The following morning, I got out and kept yelling, circled the block and everything, and nothing. We didn’t know where Otis was.” However this is not the first time he has wandered off alone.

Dog Carrying Food After A Hurricane in Texas Is A Now A Celebrity

Otis is already a celebrity in Stinton and everybody around town knows him. “He’s got a real sad-looking face and people just admire him whenever they see him,” Segovia said. Otis is well known at the county courthouse, local antique shops and H-E-B Grocery. He also enjoys taking off by himself and knows the routes around town. He even gets offered ice cream and hamburger when he goes to the Dairy Queen and at times stops by local lumber and building supply store selling dog food.

“Otis is a smart dog,” Segovia said. “He knows where to go pick up a treat. I’m thinking he picked up that dog food and he knew where it was,” Segovia said. “Nobody was there to feed him, and he picks up the dog food.” Otis was found walking on the street on Saturday by Tiele Dockens who took his picture and followed him to his owner’s house.

“It’s like he’s on a mission,” said Dockens. “I just thought it was so cute.” She uploaded the picture on her Facebook page which became viral. She even recognised the dog as in a town of 5,000 people it is not hard to not have seen him before. “This lady comes by and tells me, ‘Is that your dog coming down the road?’ ” Segovia said. “And I turn around, there comes Otis, and he’s carrying food!” Otis walked up the front porch, put down the dog food and lay down on the floor.