Docking by the Port, The Port Cafe on Arcot Road

Buckle up, it’s going to be a healthy ride. 

The Port Cafe is beautifully done up. They’ve managed to maintain the rugged and rustic feel of being at a port; what with the containers and graffiti. And yet, they give you the comfort of eating in a pleasant semi-outdoor space. There’s an indoor space as well, for you ambiance snobs. 

The cafe is in the premises of a fitness centre, Fitness Positive- started by friends, Parveen Banu, Sabarish Vijayan, Sridhar V and Sabari Sriram. The team felt the need to use the same space to work in favour of the ambiance of a healthy cafe. The fitness centre has a Zumba space, Cross training area as well as regular gym equipment. 

The menu is fairly simple, it’s got health drinks- more on that later, salads, burgers, wraps and sandwiches. 

We’ll start you off with something fresh and completely addictive- The Mochanana. Throw bananas, coffee and chocolate in a blend and it’s addictive as whatever-you’re-addicted-to, in the most innocent way. 

Mochanana at The Port Cafe

Feeling a little healthy, in the gym premises and all, we ordered an Anemic Chaser. A rosy-cheeked beauty came in. Apple, dates, celery and best of all, beets worked hand in hand and worked pretty darn well. 

Anemic Chaser  at The Port Cafe

We decided to give in to the health bug one more time and ordered an X Ray Vision. Now, this is a combination of carrots, apple and ginger. And personally, I’m a ginger fan, so this drink was Christmas. But if you’re not one of those, go for the Anemic Chaser- it’s definitely the crowd pleaser. 

X-ray Vision  at The Port Cafe

Coming to the food, we had the Mushroom, baby corn and bean wrap and the Cheesy Chicken Szechuan and Bell Pepper Sandwich. I’m yet to meet a better veg wrap as far as mushroom and baby corn go- this was phenomenal. The Cheesy Chicken, has got the perfect blend of spices and cheese spread over a generous slice of wheat bread. Great Fries Alert- dunk in Aioli.

Cheesy Szechuan and Bell Peppers Sandwich  at The Port Cafe Mushroom, baby corn and bean wrap  at The Port Cafe

We ended on the best note ever- Adorable Devil. A soft crepe wraps itself around a combination of bananas and ice-cream and is topped off with toasted nuts. Definitely adorable and definitely devil. 

Adorable Devil  at The Port Cafe