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Do you know why some people eat whatever they like but remain skinny?


We all have that one friend, don’t we? The one who seems to gobble up food like there’s no tomorrow, order the greasiest stuff on the menu but somehow manage to fit into beachwear and end up looking like a swimsuit model? 

Yes, we all have that one friend and we don’t go tired of hating on them and berating them with the question – “How do you stay so skinny while eating all that?”. For years, we have heard the word metabolism. But according to latest studies, it might be a little more complicated than that. 

In the past, the ability to eat a lot without gaining any weight was generally written off as a byproduct of a “fast” metabolism, but that’s most likely not the case. In a response posted on Quora, biologist Ian York debunks that theory by stating that “Human metabolisms are — barring disease — fairly similar across individuals; the differences in rates of burning food are too minor to account for the differences in ability to gain weight we see.”

In reality, there are a few other possible explanations. 

One such situation is that some people just exhert more energy during the day. They take the stairs instead of the elevator or just move around more or even just fidget more than you do. 

Other people have a body type that predisposes them to be either skinny or overweight. If they reach adulthood with very few fat cells, then they’re less likely to be overweight.

Another explanation is that the body does a good job of regulating the amount of food that people need to eat, and while it may appear that they’re eating all they want, these people probably aren’t eating any more than they need to in order to maintain that weight.

Lastly, these people could also be on a diet when you’re not with them. Unless you’re following these people around all the time, you really have no way of knowing how much exercise they get and how they eat when they’re alone. For all you know, when they aren’t with you they might be at the gym or eating boiled vegetables!