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Do You Know The “Guacamole” Lady? She’ll Make You Want The Guac!


With everyone’s obsession with guacamole lately, this song, that released five years ago, has peaked. And it’s not really about the whole song, but if you’ve lived on the internet for a while, you’ve probably seen the latest memes to do the rounds so you know what we’re talking about. The little “Guacamole” bit at the end of the video sparked a viral trend all over Twitter and Vine, including the micro blogging site, Tumblr. Gifs of this woman doing the guac dance was literally everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 

So, who is this woman behind the oh-so-popular meme? Dr. Jean is the name. The video posted was titled Dr. Jeans Banana Dance, and was released as an educational video for kids, and parents and teachers to do with kids. The video features various food items, sung to a simple tune, and choreographed with simple actions that kids can follow to improve their coordination skills and learn a little with some song and movement. But who knew this would take a different direction at the Internet hall of fame and garner over 2.5 million views on YouTube? Everyone now just calls her the guacamole lady. Curious to see what the whole video is about? Check it out here: 


Now do you feel like having some guacamole? Yeah, thought so. We’ve got just the recipe for you, right here. Want some nachos to go with that? Okay, here you go. You’re welcome.