Do Oktoberfest The Right Way At Aurum Brew Works

If you are really want to do it the way the Germans do, then you say that you are heading off to Wies’n, the nickname of the place that plays host to Oktoberfest – Theresienwiese in central Munich. And in this case, Wies’n is kicking off at Aurum Brew Works on September 21st all the way to October 6th.

Die Biere – The Beers

Aurum has 6 beers on tap for Oktoberfest. You have the popular Maarzen, with its deep brown colour and restrained bitterness. Try the RauchBier for its complex Beachwood smoke character. Dunkleweizen has a malty caramel flavour with strong banana and clove coming through. And then, of course, you have those that you can always rely on for a good time – the IPA, the Lager and the Belgian WIT

Das Essen – The Food

What is a good beer without some good food? While you have Aurum’s great menu to dig into, here are some of the specials that will make an appearance this Oktoberfest. Try some stuffed chicken and cabbage dumplings, boiled and pan-fried called Hähnchen pierogies. The Pork Sausages rolls with mustard and sauerkraut or the Schweinefleish bratwürste rollen will set things rolling. Can there be an Oktoberfest without some Schnitzel on hand? The Hähnchen schnitzel is Chicken schnitzel with potato dumplings, sauerkraut and as a mushroom sauce. You also have Spaetzle with Chicken or Beef Stroganoff accompanying it.

Do Oktoberfest The Right Way At Aurum Brew Works

Vegetarians, Aurum has you covered with the German-style vegetable fritters with sour cream dip better known as Gemüse krapfen mit confetti. Or try the Traditional German salt-crusted bread with mustard and a German beer cheese dip called the Brezel mit obatzda. For the mains, you could try the Stuffed cabbage in a tomato sauce called Gefüllte Kohl Blatter im Tomatensauce as well as the Deui-Cher Stil Pize Stroganoff, a German styled mushroom stroganoff.

Have your last beer with desserts like the Himbeere eiercreme kuchen, Raspberry custard cake with vanilla ice cream or even the Graham streusel kuchen which is Pecan crumbles butter cake vanilla ice cream.

Oktoberfest is on at Aurum Brew Works from September 21th all the way to October 6th. Come on over. Prost!

Where: Aurum Brew Works, Sarjapur

When: September 21th all the way to October 6th

For Reservations: Call – 080 6823 3131