Do Men Tend To Eat More When Around Women?

Has it ever happened – and I ask this question to all the male readers out there – that when on a date or out with a partner, you tend to scoff down more food than you usually would? Does it ever feel like that extra side comes to your table only when you’re with her? If yes then congratulations because you are normal.

A recent study conducted by Cornell University claims that men consume larger amounts of food when dining with the opposite sex.feature image eating less


Binge Behaviour

The research that was conducted on 133 adults (59 women and 74 men) found that it doesn’t matter which food it is, the ‘man of the table’ will tend to eat more than his normal capacity. More specifically, the male counterpart ate 93% more pizza and 86% more salad when with a woman.

“These findings suggest that men tend to overeat to show off,” Kevin Kniffin, visiting assistant professor and lead author of the study, told the LA Times. “Instead of a feat of strength, it’s a feat of eating.”competitive-eating_3506959b

So going by the male psychology, stuffing your face with more food is a clear sign of prowess, extraordinary skills and a signal that they are better than other men.

“Conspicuous consumption of food is a much less dramatic ‘risk’ than, say, going off to the front lines of war, but research on the effects of obesity nonetheless show overeating to constitute risky behavior,” added the study authors.


Paradoxical Psychology

The irony of this concept is the fact that the tactic used to impress women (eating more) will lead to something that actually turns most of them off (an unfit body)!

The study authors agreed. Mr. Kniffin said that it was a paradoxical tactic given that “overeating consistently is going to produce a body shape research shows tends to be viewed as unattractive”, quoted The Telegraph.Man Eating Large Bowl of Cereal


Female Populace

On the other hand, women stuck to their normal appetite when dining with either of the sexes.

Although some of them did complain of felling hurried when they ate with a man, which resulted in thinking that they ate much more that they should have. Ironies, so many ironies!stk135508rke