Disney Is Partnering With An Agricultural Company To Release Themed Vegetables and Fruits

For years, kids have always complained about eating vegetables and choosing junk food over the healthier options. But now, a company in America is taking things up a notch to entice kids to actually eat their greens. Dole Food Co. is partnering with Walt Disney Company to market fresh produce to children in America. The plan is to have characters from Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar movies promote the fruits and vegetables, making them more exciting and interesting to kids everywhere.

In a statement released after the announcement, Josh Silverman executive vice president of global licensing at Disney said, “Disney and Dole have a shared mission of providing high quality produce to help families lead healthier lives.” So far, the terms of the deal have no been disclosed and it is unclear where the Disney-branded produce will be priced higher than non-branded fruits and vegetables when they’re introducing into grocery stores next month.

This isn’t the first time Disney has tied up with a company to promote healthy eating. Last year, to promote “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Disney partnered with Sage Fruit Company and had Darth Vader selling bags of apples while Yoda was in charge of green grapes.

Rob Frankel, an LA-based branding expert talked about this initiative and said, “It’s not difficult to slap a character on a food and get kids to love it. But these days, anybody who tries to sell anything to kids also has to appeal to the parents. This is a way for Disney to prove to Mom and Dad: ‘See? We care about the health of your kids.’”

No word yet, whether this marketing strategy will reach India.