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Disney Launched A Food Channel For Kids Called Disney Eats


If there was any doubt in your mind that Disney isn’t the greatest ever, here’s some news that might swing things in their favor. Disney is launching a food channel for kids called Disney Eats that is sure to be everything your Millennial heart desires!

Disney Eats: an online food network putting out shows for kids that encourage “co-cooking” experiences for young families and provides something for them to watch on the internet.

Disney has partnered with Tastemade to co-create all original content. The brand says the content will hold nutritional standards, teaching families to ditch foods that are high in both sugar and sodium.

Disney-themed episodes will appear in series including “Tiny Kitchen,” where chefs create miniature replicas of foods from Disney movies (um, cool), and “Kitchen Little,” where kids will team up with celebrity chefs to make Disney-themed recipes.

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