Here Are Some Dishes You Shouldn’t Order At Restaurants According To Chefs

Here Are Some Dishes You Shouldn’t Order At Restaurants According To Chefs

According to interviews with several chefs by the Insider, it has been revealed that some dishes should never be ordered at a restaurant. Take it as a rule book of never to eat dishes as they also reveal the reasons behind not picking them.


And we’re not talking about just any meat, it’s about well cooked meat and here’s why, “Chefs don’t typically appreciate well-done orders unless there is a very specific reason for the request,” James Briscione, Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education told the Insider. “They typically reserve the least desirable cuts to cook well done. In general, less attention is given to well-done orders.”

Truffle Oil

Renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain despise truffle oil. “Never order anything with truffle oil as a listed ingredient,” revealed Briscione. “Chances are, the imitation truffle flavour will be offensively strong, and the 20 cents worth of truffle oil drizzled on your plate will result in a surge in menu price.” He says this because truffle oil is not made using real truffles but made out of chemicals to replicate the smell.


“I never order mussels at restaurants,” Mary Dumont, chef and owner of Cultivar in Boston, told the Insider. “I know people love them and I’m meticulous about their storage and care if I serve them, but all it takes is one bad mussel and you’re down for the count.”


By this we mean the fancy burgers with expensive beef and exotic ingredients. “There is no reason to ever pay $20+ for a hamburger,” said Briscione. “If chefs are piling expensive ingredients on top of a hamburger, it’s just so they can steal your money.  Good burgers are made from ground tough cuts of meat like chuck, brisket, or ribs. Grinding up expensive meat just to make a burger is a waste.”


The special platter or fish specials shouldn’t be ordered or avoided to the maximum. Chef Silvia Barban, the executive chef at Aita and LaRina told Insider, “Specials are tricky in restaurants. It could be the most fresh and delicious special, but in some restaurants, specials are the way to clean up the fridge.” Even McDonald’s employees don’t recommend their fish burgers.

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