Dish Out An Enchanting Global Spread At 52 Janpath, New Delhi

Branching out of the bustling Connaught Circus are various radial lanes, each speckled with a bunch of eateries striving to be the best. And frankly, that just leaves us with a long list of eateries par excellence to pick from, so no complains there. One such new player on the radial block is 52 Janpath on Tolstoy Lane, Janpath.


The Vibe

The restaurants lets out very little on the outside, which is a pity but then we have to admit that that just goes on to add to its cozy charm. 52 Janpath welcomes you with a long medieval tunnel with lamps and hand-painted quotes adorning the walls, which lead up to a gigantic wooden door. As you step into the restaurant, you step into a whole new vibe. The space packs a warm ambience with décor that draws inspiration from a classic cottage.52janpath

Complete with plush armchairs, neat wooden furniture, cobbled walls, a fireplace, a well-stocked bookshelf, the eatery is as welcoming and homely as it can get. Designed like a nice country abode, the restaurant is nicely laid with separate zones like a whiskey and cigar corner, a snug window side lounge, a bright alfresco setting in the courtyard, and the likes.

Also, a very special mention to the bells sitting on each table. It’s a whole new way to signal your serve. Just ring the bell. This is just what all of us have secretly been hoping, praying, and wishing for!52janpath8


The Menu

52 Janpath lays out a spread that has picked up elements from across the globe. The menu packs a punch with delicious Global Gourmet Food preparations with a wide range of cuisines expertly curated by the chefs. Special shout out to their modern spin on global menu, which is truly laudable.

Just like the restaurant’s zones, the menu too is categorized carefully under segments like Salads, Soups, Small Plates, Appetizers, Medieval European Platters, Italian Kitchen, Pizzeria, Deli, Thai, Indian, and the most important, Desserts. Basically, you can leave 52 Janpath incharge of your holiday weight this season.52janpath2

Meanwhile, here’s all the food that we sunk our teeth into.


What We Had

Sorbet Shot with Bird Eye Chili

To jolt our taste buds awake, the restaurant served up a shot of sweet mango sorbet that kicked us in the palate with a zesty after taste of bird eye chili! A beautiful blend of sweet and spicy.52-janpath


Litchi Wontons

An interesting take on the classic Dilli papdi, the litchi wonton was a chaat in the first bite, but an exotic fruity delicacy in the next. We were left with strong yet exotic hints of coriander and litchi rolling around on our tongue.52janpath6


Beetroot Tikki

A lot like the Mid-Eastern falafel, but a tad fancier, the beetroot tikki packed a rich flavor of beetroot covered with sesame and topped with a creamy mayonnaise.52janpath5


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

How do you turn your animosity towards health foods into love? Simple, you wrap it with bacon! The bacon-wrapped asparagus includes crunchy sticks of fresh asparagus wrapped in crunchy bacon. Yum!


Prawn Scotched Eggs

Prawn Scotched Eggs may sound a little confusing as a name, but allow us to explain exactly what we ate. The dish comprised of beautifully scotched eggs with a layer of prawns around the outside of the cooked egg white. *drools*52janpath4


Meat Slider

Not so much a slider as it was a proper meat burger, 52 Janpath’s meat sider was one big chunk of delicious nonetheless. The burger was a luscious stack of fluffy buns sandwiching some fresh greens and a fat meat patty between them. It was burger-licious!52janpath3


Rigate with Bacon

The Italian would be proud of this creamy Rigate. Tender penne rigate doused in a creamy cheese sauce seasoned with fresh herbs and topped with crispy fried bacon bits. Although heavy on the sauce, cheese, and bacon, the pasta was very light on the stomach, which was perfect.


Mutton Dal Makhani – Indian Platter

If we’re doing a culinary world tour, can we leave the Indian Mughali platter behind? The platter featured a creamy dal makhani, an even creamier (if that’s even possible) paneer makhani, and a portion of desi mutton curry. Of course, there was naan!


Coffee Sangria

The only sangria better than the classic sangria is a coffee sangria and we know it now. The combination may sound a bit off but is a bomb of caffeine, alcohol, and flavours. You won’t notice any difference in the first sip but as the drink rolls down you taste buds, you can feel the caffeine taking over your mind and the wine kicks into your souls. A treat for wine and coffee lovers.52janpath7



It is not human to eat so much yet manage to wipe your dessert bowl clean. ‘Nuff said!52-janpath1


In closing we’d like to say that it doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you fancy, if it is good food and a beautiful vibe that you’re looking for, just visit 52 Janpath.

Feature Image: Kiran Sawhney – The Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog