Discover A Refreshing Beverage With Natural Ingredients Like Ashwagandha And Brahmi With Sipwise Beverages

Discover An Energy Drink With Natural Ingredients Like Ashwagandha And Brahmi With Sipwise Beverages

With a wide variety of drinks available in the market it becomes hard to pick the one which is great in taste. Plus, there’s always the question about ingredients being used and the caffeine content making it all the more difficult to choose a perfect beverage that doesn’t affect our health. With all these questions constantly buzzing in our mind, we find a refreshing cooler with age-old ingredients like Brahmi, Ashwagandha along with lemon balm, chamomile, and rose-hip. So let’s hear the story of Sipwise Beverages from the owner himself – Mr. Harish Mohan.

Please tell us about the concept of What !f drinks?

What If was created with an idea to offer natural ingredients with numerous health benefits like green tea and herbs in chilled form. While I was at Duke University as a part of the exchange program, I got exposed to a range of functional beverages. After witnessing a gap in the Indian market for beverages that could offer value beyond cola and fruit pulp based drinks, I thought that why not bring access of age-old herbs and natural ingredients to the Indian consumers at an affordable price.

What sets the energy drink 1947 apart from the rest?

The energy drink category has received a lot of backlash because of its high caffeine content which leads to cardiovascular problems and is particularly harmful for children. We brought in the disruption by creating a healthier energy drink 1947. We lowered the amount of caffeine to 50 mg in a bottle, which is also enough to create alertness. In addition, we added an ingredient called inulin that is a probiotic and a natural sweetener. 1947 brings in an element of functionality and a health benefit apart from the usual ‘kick’ that is associated with energy drinks.

Please elaborate on the variety of drinks that Sipwise offers.

Sipwise Beverages was started in 2014 with a vision to be category creator in the growing domain of functional beverages. Our motto is to ‘nurture through nature’ and we provide a smarter choice compared to existing alternatives in the market.

We have two brands- What !f and 1947.

What !f was created with an idea to offer natural ingredients with numerous health benefits like green tea and herbs in chilled form. 1947 is a healthier energy drink as it has the right amount of caffeine which is 50 mg and is extracted from a natural source of tea.

Tell us more about the various benefits of these drinks.

Both 1947 and What !f fall into the category of guilt-free refreshment. The consumers can have these drinks and know that the drinks give them a sense of wellbeing, health and at the same time not compromising on taste.

What !f Green Tea Cooler gives you the same benefit as green tea which is helping you lose weight and providing you with anti-oxidants. It also contains acerola extract, which is a rich source in Vitamin C.

What !f Herb Cooler contains herbs like like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Rose Hips which have numerous health benefits such de-stressing, improving memory and increasing metabolism. Herb Coolers have inulin which is a prebiotic, taste enhancer, good for the heart and gut. Inulin is a soluble fiber from chicory and has been declared as the top 10 ingredients in a global food survey. Also, it has vitamins ( B group) and minerals like potassium chloride and magnesium sulphate which rehydrate and replenish your body with salts and energy from vitamins.

1947 energy drink has the right amount of caffeine i.e. 50 mg, extracted from tea from nilgiri mountains. It contains inulin too which is a probiotic and an instant source of energy. So the caffeine is designed from natural sources, similar to your cuppa of tea in the morning, to give you the right energy in the right amounts!

Which cities are these drinks currently available in and which stores can we buy it from?

Currently, we are in 4 cities. We have pan India associations with Godrej Nature’s Basket, Hyper City, Star Bazaar, Big Basket, Grofers. The partners on our list are Reliance, D Mart, Amazon, Flipkart, and food delivery startups. Our target is to be in all metros and the top 10 Tier 1 cities and reach a sales of 1 crore which is our first milestone.

How is the 1947 energy drink in comparison to others like Redbull and Gatorade?

1947 energy drink has a lesser amount of caffeine in it as compared to other energy drinks in the market. It also has inulin, natural fruit flavors and caffeine from the natural source like tea. Gatorade is a sports drink which has minerals. We have minerals in our herb coolers variant and in addition, we also add herbs which facilitate memory, de-stressing apart from functions like replenishment.

When and how regularly should a person consume Sipwise beverages?

As per FSSAI, a consumer should not consume more than 2 energy drinks per day. Herb Coolers can be consumed like your normal beverage or juice.

Do any of your products boost energy levels of athletes and those who do a lot of physical activity?

We have ingredients like inositol, glucuronolactone, and taurine which boost the energy levels in our energy drink apart from natural caffeine. What !f Herb Coolers have vitamins and minerals which replenish the salts lost due to excess sweat which is the result of strenuous physical activity.