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Want to know what the latest global food trends are? Have a food business that needs value added services?

Or do you just simply enjoy meeting foodies and people running various food ventures from all over the world?

Lets face it. People in the food business are the best kind of people (present company included, ahem!)

Food brings together families, communities and the whole world like nothing else can. From the simple act of sharing a bowl of porridge for breakfast to the evolution of the massive food trade around the world.

Get the buzz on the biz

Where do the foods we love come from? Are they local specialties? Or have they been grown and nurtured by a farmer across the globe? What are the new food inventions that are taking the world by storm? Can Organic food be sustainable?

Get answers to these questions and more at International Food World 2017 at the Chennai Trade Centre, 15-17 July 2017

As a result of more importance being given to Foreign Direct Investment these days, it is the perfect time for global food manufacturing companies to enter into one of  the largest food markets in the world. In my opinion, a healthy understanding and cooperation among food businesses across the globe can help solve some of the pressing concerns regarding food supply.

This is the 9th edition of this successful expo.

This year more than 150 exhibitors from 23 countries are going to participate in this International food show. Moreover, 30,000 visitors from more than 12 countries are expected to visit the show and showcase their companies.

Fresh Farm Produce, Processed fruits & vegetables, Cereal foods, Beverages, Herbs and Spices, Food Processing machineries, Bakery products and Confectionaries, Nutrition and Food Supplements, Trade Associations, Certification Bodies, Regulatory Agencies and Laboratory & Testing Services, etc. are going to be the thrust areas of International Food World 2017.

An exclusive zone for Halal and Natural and Organic products has also been set up.

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