At Dirty Bones You Can Get An Instagram Kit To Take Social Media Worthy Photos!

We’re all aware that social media dictates our daily lives in many ways. If you didn’t post a picture of your meal on social media, did you even eat? At Dirty Bones, they shamelessly play into our social media obsession by providing an Instagram kit – totally free of charge so you can take the perfect picture and rake in the likes!

This London based restaurant serves New York City style food with the menu also specially designed to provide picture-perfect content. Diners can request the ‘Instagram Pack’ which consists of a portable LED camera light, multi-device charger, clip-on wide angle camera lens and a tripod selfie stick for overhead table shots — which basically translates into free advertising!

In fact, a spokesperson for Dirty Bones said that the Instagram pack was first made available on July 5 and that they’ve seen a big uptake in requests since it was first covered in the UK press. They also said they’ve noticed an improvement in the lighting and angles of shots under the “Dirty Bones Soho” location tag (I mean, one would hope).

Sounds like a win-win situation doesn’t it?