January 24, 2018

Which Dip/Sauce Completes Your Snack? #POLL

Chips and dips are absolute party pleasers. Especially if you’ve got a beer crate to empty, then the chips are just what you need to go with! And the one thing that can instantly step up your chips is a dip – or a chutney. Whether it’s a potato chip, corn chips, Doritos or even a platter of fresh cut veggies to snack on, everything needs a dip or a sauce to dunk it in.

The types and varieties of dips out there are overwhelming to say the least. From the simple tomato ketchup to a fancy bowl of spicy salsa, each dip/sauce has a purpose to solve and a palate to please. Speaking of, which of these dips pleases your palate the most?

Feature Image: sheknows

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