Dine at The Wharf, Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay This Summer

The Wharf at Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay in Mamallapuram is a beach side restaurant with a stunning view of the ocean. Whether you’re sitting there in the afternoon or in the evening, watching the tide come in, the experience of being by the beach will always astound you. You can watch the sun set and the ocean come alive from anywhere at the restaurant, while you sip on wine or cocktails and eat seafood prepared in so many different ways.

At The Wharf, the five elements – space, fire, air, water and earth – come together to create the perfect sensory experience. Seafood that speaks volumes about the waters of the coast, grills and steaks that have stood the test of fire, wines as light and breezy as the air around you. Experience all of it under one roof, right by the water at Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay.



What makes The Wharf stand out from other restaurants are the grills that they have in their open kitchen. They have two grills, both meant for cooking different dishes and giving every dish a different flavour and taste. Whether you’re eating seafood or chicken or vegetables, the grills will lend to the meat or vegetables, a unique flavour that you can’t find anywhere else.



The base of the grill contains volcanic lava stones and when heated with the help of special burners, heats up the grill that cooks the meat or vegetables. While similar to other grills, there is a distinct flavour that comes through in the food.



This charcoal fired oven is popular all over India and famous for cooking most North Indian and Mughlai food. Unlike the Lava Grill, this is a vertical oven where the food is skewered and then lowered into the grill to cook. If you’re in the mood for woody and smoky flavoured food, this is what you need to choose.

Here’s what Executive Chef V. Vijayakumar had to say about The Wharf and the grills.

You can also avail of their Summer Chiller Package and experience the summer vacation you’ve been waiting for. Click here for more information.

For reservations call 1800 425 5500 or 8056012740 and email them at rsv@rdtemplebay.com or visit their website and follow them on on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information and details!