Dine On Delicious Fare All Day At D:Oh! All Day In Andheri

Degustibus Hospitality is a well-known name across Mumbai for being the parent of the popular Indigo, Indigo Deli and Neel brands. In the recent months, Degustibus donned a funkier, more laid back hat as it launched the D:OH! All Day brand, an all day dining restaurant with a unique approach to the way it serves food. At present, it has an outlet in Lower Parel and a recently launched one in Andheri.

Self Service Is Back

D:OH! operates with a fun self-service concept; in one corner are display cases with cute miniature bottles of booze and desserts, welcoming you to pick up whatever you desire. Then, head over to the payment counter, pay for your haul and place your menu orders. You’ll be handed a buzzer which will go off once your food is ready, calling you to the pickup counter. It’s a fun way to get your food and keep you moving.

Dine On Delicious Fare All Day At D:Oh! All Day In Andheri
Adding to the fun, upbeat atmosphere is the restaurant’s interiors with pops of vibrant blues, green and seats made of swings. One corner of the restaurant has a shelf filled with community games including Monpoly and Uno which invite patrons to cut loose and go back to childhood.

The Eats And Drinks

The menu at D:Oh! All Day is eclectic, divided into sections like ‘Short Eats’ which have dishes like Crispy Sriracha Chicken Tenders, Amritsari Fish and Chips, ‘Sandwiches’ like the Honey Mustard Chicken Tikka and the Middle Easter Wrap with Mutton Kebabs, burgers, Salads and Big Bowls.

Since it opened in Lower Parel, D:Oh! has become increasingly popular for its Instagram-worthy drinks; it’s menu boasts some seriously sumptuous sounding milkshakes and Freakshakes like the Peanut Butter shake, the Choco Freak Shake and the Freakin’ Pretzels Freakshake. It also does completely unique ‘Adult Shakes’ which are milkshakes with a dash of alcohol like the White Walker with white wine, ice cream and mango.

Tasting The Talk

We took the Metro over to Andheri last week and stepped into D:oh!’s funky space to taste the talk. We began our meal on a sweet note with the much talked about Freakin’ Pretzels Freak Shake and the White Walker Adult Shake. Both were exemplary; while the pretzels lining the Freakshake glass cleverly cut out the sweetness from the dollops of the Nutella, the intriguing combination of chilled white wine, ice cream and chunks of mango were the perfect way to recover from the oven outside.

Dine On Delicious Fare All Day At D:Oh! All Day In Andheri
We then picked up the Wicked Fries, the Crispy Sriracha Chicken Tenders and the Sesame Prawn and Scallion Dumplings. The Wicked Fries had a dash of desi flavours, being tossed with onions and curry patta leaves while the Chicken Tenders were – as promised – tinged with a fiery Sriracha flavour.

Dine On Delicious Fare All Day At D:Oh! All Day In Andheri

Our favourite of the lot, however, were the dumplings; uber juicy prawns were enclosed in thin wrappers; we wouldn’t help ourselves from taking bite after bite.

Out of the sandwiches section we ordered the D:Oh!’s Barbeque Chicken Melt. The chicken was wrapped in a delicious, heady barbeque sauce and balanced with oodles of cheese creating a delicious balance of flavours.
To get our healthy quota for the day filled, we had a D:oh! Hipster Salad which was – quite literally – summer in a bowl with fresh fruits (pomegranate, jack fruits) mixed with crunchy greens. Finally, we called for the Peppered Mutton Stew which mixed succulent mutton, browned onions and heady masala with long grained basmati rice to create a wholesome, indulgent dish.

Dine On Delicious Fare All Day At D:Oh! All Day In Andheri
Finally, we rounded off our meal by visiting the dessert counter, where we picked up the mini cupcakes to end as we started – on a sweet note. We loved the daintly frosted vanilla cupcake which as dense and moist.
Indeed, that’s what a meal at D:Oh! All Day will guarantee you; delicious fare and sweet memories. Head there and tell us what you think?