Dine At Amitabh Bachchan’s Bungalow For $120

Are you a fan of the Big B in Bollywood? Or are you a lover of gourmet food? If the answer is yes to one or both of those, you’ll get to deepen your love at an upcoming event from One Star House Party which will be at Pratiksha, one of Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalows in Juhu. 

Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

One Star House Party has been making waves across the world since last year. Comprising a team of skilled, experienced chefs, the One Star House Party team is travelling across the world – 20 countries in 20 months – to bring each country a dining experience like never before.

In each country, the team has hosted and will be hosting pop up restaurants which serve fare inspired by the ingredients, culture and their experience of the countries they’re in.

On their website, One Star House Party says “The team comprises predominantly of chefs trained in some of the world’s best restaurants, including Denmark’s ‘NOMA,’ and London’s ‘The Ledbury.’ They apply those techniques to create the menu inspired by the ingredients that they find, and the experiences that find them in each country. The team not only build a completely new menu in each country they visit, but also transform an entire space, using their carpentry skills to carve a restaurant out of the materials they find in each city.”

Each chef serves their dishes themselves, accompanied by stories about what inspired them.

One Star Lands In Mumbai

After beginning their journey in Beijing, and then hosting restaurants at Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and a Nepali base camp, the Party will land in Mumbai and host a pop up on January 17th.

The pop up will be held in Pratiksha Bungalow in Juhu from 17th January to 21st January and will cost $120 per head. While there’s no word whether the Big B himself will dine with you, you can be assured a truly mind-blowing meal.

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