Dilli Diaries: Why We’d Rather Drive 100 Km Than Settle For Average Parathas

Having stayed in Delhi for almost two decades, we’ve had the luxury of being exposed to a wide variety of international cuisines and street foods from all over the country. Right from authentic Korean grubs at Gung – The Palace to a palate scorching vada pav at Dilli Haat, the Capital serves up a quite a gastronomical storm. But despite a global buffet at our disposal, there are times we find ourselves driving along the Grand Trunk Road in pursuit of what are probably the best parathas in all of India. Yes, we’re referring to Delhi-NCR’s beloved paratha central, Murthal.

Situated a few kilometers ahead of Sonipat in Haryana, Murthal is the go-to place for a huge chunk of Delhi and Haryana’s stuffed paratha-loving folk. The place is essentially a 10-kilometer stretch along GT Road speckled with a number of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and even Vaishno eateries that roll out some supremely heavenly parathas. And no offence to the top-notch paratha joints in the Capital, but the almost 3 hour back and forth journey turns out to be worth every bite of paratha, butter, and desi pickle at Murthal.

Dilli Diaries: Why We'd Rather Drive 100 Km Than Settle For Average ParathasImage: Wiwigo

But are we saying that Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba and Gulshan Dhaba trumps what, say, Moolchand Parathewala or Old Delhi’s Parathewali Gali have to offer? Maybe. Maybe not. But we’re definitely not stating that that is the only reason the food-worshipping Delhi folk flock over to these dhabas on bright Sunday mornings and happy Saturday evenings (not promoting drunken driving). However, we do place our bets on the thrill of getting away from the city madness and cruising along the smooth tarmac of the Jammu-Delhi (yes, that is also what the stretch is referred to as) paired with the ultimate incentive of rewarding the palate with an array of aloo, gobhi, paneer, mooli, and what-not parathas.

C’mon, admit it! You have lured your friends, family, and significant other into sinking their hooks into some aloo paratha and secretly just wished for a nice long drive. Amirite? And that’s perfectly fine! Because you know what? Great food stretches way beyond just a fancy ambience, good décor, and satisfactory cooking. Sometimes the simplicity of it all is what makes the whole package matchless. The simplicity that the Capital has seemingly found in a food-rich Haryanvi village along the sprawling GT Road.


Feature Image: www.gulshandhaba.com