Dilli Diaries: Beat The Heat With These Delhi-cious Summer Drinks

With the onslaught of the summer waves, the mercury is on a steady rise in the Capital. And it’s not just the 100 degrees that scare us, it’s the fact that there are over 2 more months of peak summer to go before we see the first cloud of Monsoon. So in the meanwhile, we thought of drowning ourselves in these 7 typical Dilli-style coolers. Check them out!


  1. Banta

Take a bottle of soda, pop the banta and mix it with some freshly squeezed lemon juice, ice and chaat masala and you’ve got yourself a glass of fizzy refreshment. You can sip on some banta in most of the popular shopping and hangout places of Delhi like Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, et al.1381118957133


  1. Shikanji

Do we really need to tell you why and how shikanji, a.k.a., the summer rehydration specialiist nimbu paani, a.k.a., lemonade is the best thirst quencher ever? The refreshing drink is available at multiple stalls and kiosks all over the city.nimbu pani


  1. Chuski

Also known as barf ka gola (or simply just gola), literally means a ball of ice, which it is. A ball of crushed ice topped with sweet flavored syrups to get high on. If you’re kala kattha kind then you ought to ask for some extra lime juice and black salt. Get your share of icy goodness at places like Dilli Haat, Lajpat Nagar, BP Noida, Greater Kailash, India Gate and pretty much every popular place.chuski


  1. Ganne Ka Ras

You know you’ve almost beat summer at its game when you spot the huge sugarcane churning wheel and axel. The sugary extract served in something only a tad bigger than a shot glass (because frankly even an ounce more than that will give you instant diabetes) is an instant energizer, thirst quencher and refresher.de-machine-van-het-suikerbietensap-india-47577433


  1. Fresh Fruit Juice

Santra, Mausambi, Litchi and Anar are a few star fruits at Delhi’s much-loved juice stalls. The freshly squeezed/pulped juices are not only a great way to recharge your body but also a healthier alternative to the sugary sodas and colas. Here are some of our favourite juice spots in Delhi to juice-binge at. More for the organic stuff? Drink to your heart’s delight from these cold-pressed juice portals in Delhi instead!azad-juice-shake-corner-images-photos-53fcc9a606d38a7341f75b9a


  1. Milkshakes

There ain’t nothing that can go wrong with a tall glass of milk blended to frothy perfection with some ice cream and fresh fruits. But the Capital is too cool to stop at the regulars like banana, strawberry, and mango. We take pride in fancier variants like chiku, dry fruits and more. Grab your share of blended goodness at these places.milkshake-6


  1. Kulfi

Matka, stick, and falooda – these are a few names that get us Dilliwalas rooting for some desi ice cream, a.k.a., kulfi. And what better than some creamy dry fruit rich gelato to beat the heat? Find the best in Pandara Road, Defence Colony, Dilli Haat, Karol Bagh, Chandni Chowk and Bengali Market among many others.kulfi-faluda


And if all else fails, keep 2 rupees handy for a glass of thanda pani.

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