Dilli Diaries: 4 Foods To Protect You From The Poisonous Smog

The Capital is currently engulfed in a thick blanket of smog that has brought down visibility to an all time low while the air we’re breathing has never been worse. And you don’t really have to step outside of your homes to experience the dense and murky air because it’s every where – in our homes too! So what can we do to reduce all health risks? Well, for starters you could supplement your diet with these five foods and beverages.


  1. Green Tea – Detox

The health benefits of green tea are innumerable. From increasing metabolism and reducing belly fat to ridding the body of harmul toxins, the drink is capable of a lot. And now would be a good time to get home some green tea because the beverage contains anti-oxidants and nutrients that regulate blood sugar and improve brain function, while giving your system the much-needed detox.Dilli Diaries: 4 Foods To Protect You From The Poisonous Smog


  1. Oatmeal – Nourish

Keep your insides healthy and happy by starting your day with a bowl of oats. The food is high in fibre content and is low calories as well, which means it will keep you fuller for longer without a high calorie intake. Meanwhile, oats also help administer cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and body weight.How to Cook Oatmeal


  1. Honey – Soothe

A teaspoonful of honey with some warm water never harmed anyone. In fact, given the current conditions, you may even want to up the honey intake to two teaspoonfuls! Paired with grated ginger, the condiment can soothe a sore throat and also amp your system with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.Dilli Diaries: 4 Foods To Protect You From The Poisonous Smog


  1. Neem – Purify

It doesn’t need rocket science to make out that the air we’re currently breathing is as toxic as it gets (fun fact: the air in Rajouri Garden has reached 999 ppi beyond which pollution cannot even be measured), so a healthy dose of neem is a good idea to purify your system and also boost the immune system. Moreover, neem is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help keep the skin healthy and clear.Dilli Diaries: 4 Foods To Protect You From The Poisonous Smog


So, stock up on these five foods and drinks to save yourself from the smog and also don’t forget to invest in a good air filter mask!


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