Dill-Pickle Infused Vodka Can Be The Newest Trend In Cocktails

Pop Sugar has recently discovered dill-pickle infused vodka and has found many companies that make it. This could indeed be the findings of a new trend after dill-pickle beer. “We have combined the amazing taste of the finest pickles and their juice with a U.S. made, ultra-premium vodka. Combining the two, we have created a delicious, flavoured vodka with a hint of dill pickle; very smooth and refreshing,” says Chilled Dills in its description of the vodka.

Last Mountain Distillery also boasts of being the sole pickle-infused spirits producer in Canada and says that pickle vodka is “amazing in caesars.” Some the other manufacturers of the dill-pickle infused vodka are Blue Spirits Distilling, Lucky Bastard Birmingham’s Dill Pickle Vodka, Spirit Bear Dill Pickle Vodka, Tall Grass Pickle Vodka and Back Patio Dill Pickle Vodka.