Different Ways to Make Coffee Around the World

Coffee was initially grown by the Mayan civilization and was a very popular drink among their community and here we are several millenniums later enjoying this lukewarm, magical drink that slashes our morning blues while simultaneously helping us achieve amazing levels of productivity. People say put your money where your mouth is but I’d like to say put your mouth where your coffee is. We have with us credible evidence that consumption of a piping hot cup of joe will give you gargantuan amounts of energy and will make you impervious to stress (your boss can smell fear). Overly-caffeinated java junkies revere it and guard it like its gold and we don’t blame them. There is no cure for this glaringly obvious addiction. Decaf? GTFO, pliss.

Around the world, coffee is the staple liquid courage any individual needs to endure the daily grind. Coffee eases our overworked nerves, gives the brain a swift whoosh of boost it requires during a dull work day, it helps you pull an all-nighter like it’s no big screaming deal, makes you a better and a useful human etc. Here in Chennai, we love our filter coffees scalding hot. When you meet us it is readily apparent that we won’t settle for anything less than a frothy, sugary kaapi in the traditional tumbler and dabarah.  No sub-par coffee. No low-quality brew. We have unhealthy amounts of coffee in our system but we know our capabilities. Filter Coffee>Starbucks. Would you agree?

Have you ever tried dunking scoops of vanilla ice cream and some crushed cookie bits to go with your coffee? THEY TASTE HEAVENLY. Or even a swirl of whipped cream and a dust of cocoa powder? Equally remarkable in taste. Unless you’re a ground, roasted, black coffee purist you can take this liquid infatuation to the next level by adding cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, unsalted butter, booze, coconut milk, flavoured syrup, Nutella, soda, tea etc. Yes, let’s tear down the barricades and combine tea and coffee to obtain the best of both worlds! Always avoid soy milk, artificial sweeteners, or low-fat creamers because they will bring the authentic coffee flavour down several notches and we don’t want that, do we?

Coffee is an integral part of life all around the world. It is a practiced daybreak ritual to sit down for coffee with a crispy newspaper in hand waiting for the groggy sensation to go. Here’s a video that you’ll love a latte!

1. Mazagran

In the video, first, they show you how to make the famous Mazagran from Portugal. Is is a cold, sweetened coffee beverage that originated in Algeria. There are many versions of this drink but the video shows you the basic one for the starts.

2. Eiskaffee

Eiskaffee is the original version of iced coffee. In Germany, there are charming little cafes that serve this authentic drink. It is a great drink to have on a hot, summer afternoon with a bunch of friends.

3. Cha Pe Sua Da

It is true that the Vietnamese take their food and drinks very seriously. They are the inventors of the highly addictive Cha Pe Sua Da. This is iced coffee, sweetened with condensed milk. It is darn easy to make and super yummy!

4. Cafe Au Lait

Get your Berets on and taste some amazing French pressed coffee. Watch the video to know more. 

5. Frappe

This is a Greek coffee flavoured drink topped off with whipped cream.

6. Yuanyang

This combination of coffee and tea will let you taste the best of both worlds! Know how to make this beautiful concoction from the video. 

7. Marocchino

A shot of espresso, cocoa powder and milk froth is pure addiction.

8. Kasermelange

A coffee recipe all the way from Austria is here to blow your mind!

9. Irish Coffee

The Irish sure know their coffee. It is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, whiskey, and sugar, stirred, and topped with thick cream or milk froth.

How do you like your coffee?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBLYSO0DSVI&w=560&h=315]