The Diet & Workout Behind Ryan Gosling’s Million-Dollar Form


Ryan God Gosling is quite obviously one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks and movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Notebook just go on to prove the fact. Especially the former where Gosling was generous enough to slip out of his shirt for a bit. *Blesses the script*

Goes without saying that Ryan Gosling’s gorgeous form is not merely a stroke of luck. Gosling is not the bulked-up muscle man but what he has is enough to set an entire country on fire. The actor has worked hard to sculpt himself the way he is by sticking to a strict diet plan and a rigorous workout regime. 

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Here are some of his secrets.



The Workout

The key to that perfectly chiseled form is extensive workouts and heavy weightlifting apart from warm up exercises. The actor goes to the gym religiously four times a week, two hours a day. In addition to that the actor also had to step up his calorie intake and sweat out a bit extra in the gym lifting weights on the heavier side.

The Notebook actor has never been candid about his workout regime, but it has also been distinguished that Gosling practices Muay Thai, which is a form of Thai boxing. He began his Muay Thai workouts when he was training for a movie where he played a British boxer.

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The Diet

The actor, who was most recently seen in The Nice Guys earlier this year, takes balanced diet rich in proteins to build muscle. But the one rule Gosling’s diet follows is including as many natural and fresh foods as possible.

To balance it out, Gosling gets all his carbohydrates from whole grain, which he supplements with protein shakes as well. He usually follows a Thai-inspired meal plan that consists of fish and vegetables; and on days when he is working out, he eats bananas, protein shakes, and fish to help build muscle.

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All that healthy Thai-inspiration in his diet and workout is totally agreeing with his well-being. And with that, Ryan Gosling’s partner of five years, Eva Mendes, agrees too!


Feature Image: Today Magazine