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Diet Pepsi Could’ve Caused Cancer, But Not Anymore  


Ever wondered why your parents never let you have Diet aerated drinks? This is why! Health enthusiasts usually repulse diet sodas because the sugar in these soft drinks is replaced by the chemical aspartame (also known as Equal), which some scientists refer to as as one of the most dangerous chemicals found in processed foods and drinks today. But Diet Pepsi’s formula is about to change. Although according to the FDA, aspartame is safe, and is only deemed carcinogenic in extremely high doses, PepsiCo has announced that it will be removing aspartame, from all diet drinks. By August, all Diet Pepsi cans and bottles will be clearly labeled “Aspartame-Free.”
Rejoice young ones and chemical conscious people because come August, you can even bathe in this Diet Soda without getting any diseases.

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