Did You Know These Celebrities Have All Been Part Of Fast Food Campaigns?

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio for Kraft

  2. Cameron Diaz for Coca-Cola

  3. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for McDonald’s

    Image result for mary kate ashley mcdonalds

  4. Brad Pitt for Pringles

    Image result for brad pitt pringles

  5. Ben Affleck for Burger King

    Image result for ben affleck burger king commercial

  6. Kate Upton for Carl’s Jr.

    Image result for kate upton carl's jr

  7. Taylor Swift for Diet Coke

    Image result for taylor swift diet coke

  8. Ringo Starr for Pizza Hut

    Image result for ringo starr pizza hut

  9. Drake for Sprite

    Image result for drake sprite

  10. Nicki Minaj for Pepsi

    Image result for nicki minaj pepsi


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