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Detox This Weekend With Mumbai’s Best Green Juices


So your plan to eat healthy last week went a little (or a lot) awry?  Don’t feel guilty – skip the cocktails this weekend in favour of a green juice detox; here’s where to get the best in Mumbai:

The Detox at The Yoga House

Cucumber, celery, cabbage and lime combine to flush your system clean. Have it after a rejuvenating session of yoga!

Spinach and Ginger Juice at Has Juices & More

Spinach is one of the most beneficial vegetables in the world. Have it in juice form at Has Juices & More.

Kiwi Juice at Modern Juice Centre

Have your dose of vitamin C in a refreshing glass of kiwi juice. Pair it with Modern’s famous shawarmas.

The Pairi Mango Fresh Basil Shake at The Pantry

While it isn’t exactly a juice, we couldn’t resist mentioning this delicious shake with the bite of basil from The Pantry.

The Cool Cilantro from Jucifix

Jucifix’s Cool Cilantro juice combines cliantro, wheatgrass, mint, pineapple, spinach and lemon to give you a zap of energy.

Trim from Raw Pressery

The Trim juice contains kale, spinach, dodhi, amla, celery, green apple, ginger and lemon. In the words of Raw Pressery “Nothing goes with greens like more greens. Leafy green vegetables are high in magnesium, a relaxing mineral that has a mellowing effect that can help improve sleep quality

Apple Kale Spinach Juice from JusDivine

A delicious combination of two super foods and sweet apples from JusDivine: find out more about it here.

Mint Honey and Lemon Juice at Fellas Cafe

A refreshing drink perfect for the summer sun.