Detox After New Year’s With Ka Sha Teas

Are you still suffering from your – shall we say, excesses – from New Year’s Eve and Christmas celebrations? We feel you. The start of the New Year is the perfect time for detoxes and cleanses. While juice detoxes are popular, today we’re drawing your attention to another detox you can try; a Ka Sha Tea Cleanse.

All About Ka Sha Teas

Ka-Sha is an organic tea brand which sources teas from the Umsing region in Meghalaya. The teas are organically farmed, finely picked and hand rolled. The tea leaves are long and white tipped; both indicators of gourmet, organic tea.


KaSha currently has one tea on the market; KaSha Premium Organic Green tea. Green tea, as you probably know has a host of health benefits; it contains large amounts of antioxidants, it can help with weight loss and has been found to reduce the risk of several cancers.


Now do you understand why we’re suggesting a tea detox? Head over to Amazon to buy the Ka Sha Green tea; it’s Rs.400 for 100 grams.