Detox Juice: The 10 Best Recipes for Healthy Eating

Juicing is one of the best ways to get a large dose of nutrients in a clean and healthy way.  Not only are you getting nutrients but when you drink detox juice, you’re also giving your whole body an inner cleansing.

The best part about juicing is, it also promotes weight loss and boosts immune and digestive systems. It flushes out the waste and stuck particles from the colon, allowing your body to absorb more nutrients and keep out of illnesses such as colon cancer. 

If you’re new to detox juice, here are some of the best recipes you can try. These are easy and simple to make, plus present more benefits for the body. You only need minimal ingredients and a juicer or blender.  

Detox Juice: The 10 Best Recipes for Healthy Eating

These Are the 10 Best Detox Juice Recipes

Before you get to making your detox juices, note that if you are using a juicer, you can use the fruits and veggies whole. If you are using a blender, then you’ll have to peel and core your fruits and veggies. 

Antioxidant Power Juice

Get delicious detox juice with overflowing antioxidants for immune boosting. A diet high in antioxidants reduces the risk for many diseases including heart ailments. 

Ingredients include carrots, red apples, ginger, orange, basil leaves, and turmeric. Blend everything in the juicer.

Energy Juice

Kickstart your day with an energy-boosting juice made from vitamin B-rich foods. This particular recipe contains iron to maintain high energy levels and for stabilizing blood sugar levels. 

Blend spinach and apples to create this fantastic juice. Add a handful of lettuce into the mixture, along with a stalk of celery, 2 cabbage leaves, and a bunch of green grapes. 

Sweet Berry Juice

Are you always bloated and feeling gassy? Infuse some antioxidants into your system to flush out excess water from the colon. To top it all off, add sweetening agents like berries to make this a fun and delicious drink. 

In a blender, combine half beetroot, a handful of raspberries, one sprig of parsley, half red apple, and one slice of watermelon. Wait until the consistency is creamy yet juice-like. Freeze if you want a chilled drink. 

Green Detox

Green detox is probably one of the most famous detox juices out there. It has the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables to remove toxins in the body. For this recipe, vitamin C is also included in the apples. 

To make this, you’ll be needing two green apples cut in half, three stalks of celery, one cucumber, kale leaves, lemon peeled, fresh ginger, and mint sprig. Cut the fruits into smaller chunks and remove any peels. 

Tropical Carrot

Want a unique tasting juice for your breakfast or afternoon snack? Check out the tropical carrot recipe, perfect for individuals who want to lose weight. This is also linked to lower cholesterol levels and improve eye health. 

In a blender or juicer, combine all ingredients like one large apple, pineapple chunks, two large carrots, and fresh ginger. Remember to remove all the peels. 

Zesty Lemon 

Boost your immune system with vitamin C-enriched detox juice. This recipe contains higher levels of antioxidants plus vitamin K. It has a mild acid taste from lemons. Lemons are known to reduce the risk of heart disease, anemia, kidney stones, and cancer. 

Get two lemons, four applies two cucumbers, and juice them. Add one cup of water, and voila, you have a delicious and healthy drink. 

Kale and Pear

Kale is the best source for vitamin A, which lowers your risk of developing cancers, plus support bone health and the immune system. It also contains 700% vitamin K, which is involved in the blood clotting process. 

Try this juice to reap the benefits and enjoy a healthy breakfast or pre-workout meal. Ingredients to combine are two stalks of kale, one cup of spinach, one pear, lime, three stalks of celery, and cucumber. 

Red Zinger Juice

If you want an easy way to consume vitamins and minerals, this Red Zinger juice recipe is perfect for you. It contains folate, potassium, manganese, iron, and vitamin C. 

Simply combine two lemons, two carrots, two apples, two beets, and you’re good to go.

Summer Juice

For a refreshing kick this summer, try this unique detox juice recipe. It’s overflowing with vitamin C, flavonoids, and phenolic acids for keeping the body healthy and strong. In a blender, combine pineapples, lemons, two carrots, two stalks of celery, and one ginger.

Orange Dreamsicle

One drink that imitates the taste of the old Orange Creamsicle ice cream bar is this Orange Dreamsicle juice. It contains copper, potassium, vitamins C and K. 

It’s perfect for a weight loss program and great for a post-workout drink. Mix two medium pears, one sweet potato, orange, three stalks of celery, and two medium apples. 

Detox Juice: The 10 Best Recipes for Healthy Eating


Try out these delicious and healthy detox juice recipes to give your body a super nutritious boost. Not only do detox drinks help you stay healthy, and nourished, but they can also help you lose weight too.