Dessert Cook-Off Challenge Roars Into Bengaluru

Calling all dessert lovers and budding home chefs! The Sugar Free Dessert Challenge is traveling around the country and this is your chance to impress with the best dessert recipes from your kitchen. If your recipe is the ultimate dessert lovers dish, you might even get the chance to meet and cook with Sanjeev Kapoor. The Sugar Free Dessert Challenge, presented by Sugar Free, is a unique dessert cook off featuring your best recipes using Sugar Free, a sugar substitute. After a run through Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta, the road towards the Grand Finale has lead straight to Bengaluru.


The dessert making competition kicked off in Mumbai with over 40 home cooks participating in the challenge whipping out sumptuous desserts like Strawberry Truffle and Spinach mousse. Upon completion of the dessert challenge, 3 best recipes from each region, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Bengaluru, will compete in the Grand Finale for the chance to be the next Best Dessert Chef. 

The Grand Finale will be hosted and judged by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and will feature the best desserts from around the country made with Sugar Free. “There are lots of amazing sugar-free desserts that can be made using Sugar Free Natura. We are excitedly looking forward to seeing and tasting what the contestants create and which ingredients they use,” said Sanjeev Kapoor.


The substitution of sweeteners instead of sugar might not give the same authenticity to the dish but according to Tarun Arora, COO, Zydus Wellness Limited, Sugar Free Natura is suitable replacement for dishes prepared with health in mind. He said, “One of the biggest myths that exists and that includes among professional chefs as well, is that sweeteners cannot be used for making desserts, baking or for making traditional Indian sweets. Fact is, Sugar Free Natura can replace the calories of sugar for most culinary purposes.”

To participate in the competition, upload your favourite recipes, either video or text, on to Sugar Free’s website. If your recipe is shortlisted, you will get the chance to compete in the Sugar Free Dessert Challenge and your recipe will be judges by top celebrity chefs. So, what are you waiting for? Upload your recipe and get a chance to meet Sanjeev Kapoor and make those delectable dishes with him.