Designing the UX of Food Delivery Apps for Millennials in 2020

Hot. Quick. Easy.

What more the millennials would want when it comes to food!

Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City”?

Designing the UX of Food Delivery Apps for Millennials in 2020
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Somehow, Gen Y is becoming like her! Whipping out the frying pan or using the kitchen has almost become a novelty these days with the rise of different on-demand food delivery services. 

  • As per the report by UBS, there is a huge possibility that by 2030, most home-cooked meals will be replaced by food ordered online and delivered from either central kitchens or restaurants
  • According to a report by Forbes, by 2030, the value of the food delivery market will reach almost $365 billion

So, you can understand millennials has a huge contribution to the overall revenue growth of this food delivery service industry. 

What Importance UX Design Holds in the App Development?

Now, when you are creating a food delivery app, you should pay utmost importance to the UX design of it. No matter how brilliant your app looks or how feature-rich your app is unless it delivers an impressive user experience, it won’t get the desired success. 

User Experience (UX) design revolves around any and all interactions between an active or potential consumer and your brand. Providing an effective user experience through your product i.e. the app is the main objective of this process. 

And when millennials are the majority of your target audience, you have to design your app’s UX in such a way that it can successfully attract them. 

Understanding What Millennials Want from a Food Delivery App 

Of Course, getting their “FOOD” delivered!

Well, jokes apart, to deliver the finest UX design in the app, you have to understand your target audience first along with what they usually want from a food delivery app.

  • In the case of millennials, they don’t like to wait much. Usually, working millennials are on a tight schedule. So, the ordered food needs to be delivered on time. 
  • Millennials crave for discounts! Special deals or customized offers always attract this generation. Before ordering anything, they tend to check what offers they can avail of. 
  • As they are always busy, they need to easily and effortlessly find what they are looking for. 
  • Also, you have to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the purchasing tendencies, habits, and behavior of the millennial professionals. 
  • Debit or credit card, cash on delivery – which type of payment options millennials prefer to use.

These are a few basic things that you should consider before starting with devising the food delivery app design either for mobile or web for millennials. Doing in-depth research on the millennial’s market will give you a better insight into it. 

UX Design Execution

In this execution phase, you need to address the findings from the previously done research. Here are a few things that you can include your UX design to make the food delivery app more desirable to the millennials.

Homepage Recommendation List

Usually, customers prefer to order from known restaurants. They already have an idea about the food quality and quantity. Also, they are aware of the prices for the dishes. So, ordering from known restaurants is always convenient for them.

Does it mean they will never order from the new restaurants? Of course no! Definitely, they will. But your UX design has to make sure that it is helping the app users to find new restaurants easily. So, you have to design the homepage of the app intelligently. 

You can keep two carousels of the restaurant recommendation list. One will show the user’s “favorite restaurants”. And the other one will show the list of “new restaurants” that users can try. Also, you can show certain discount incentives which will easily attract the millennials.

Live Status of the Order

The various market research report has highlighted that most of the time, millennials get frustrated with inaccurate delivery time. To avert this scenario, it is better if you can add a progress bar that will show the real-time update on the order status. This progress bar will show the users when their food is in the kitchen, when it is being prepared, and when the delivery guy picks up the order from the restaurant. 

Adding a delivery map will automatically enhance the user experience to a great extent. Users can keep track of how far is their order, or how much more time it will take to reach at his/her doorstep. 

Also, on this page, users should be able to edit their order. Maybe they want to give some special cooking instructions. So, the app has to provide that space to them. Moreover, you should keep an option where users can directly contact either the restaurant or the delivery guy. It helps to diminish the miscommunication and leads to enhanced user experience. 

Showing Other Restaurants on the Same Route

Users usually tend to opt for the restaurants they already know about. Now, once an order is placed, you can show a suggestion list showing the other new restaurants on the same route. So, maybe if some have ordered a meal from one restaurant, they will end up buying drinks or desserts from another new restaurant.

Depending on how you are doing your research, you may find several other points that need special consideration during the UX designing phase. So, make sure to do your research well before making a food delivery app for the millennials.