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Denny’s Has Revealed Its Hans Solo Menu For The Star Wars Spinoff


I think it’s safe to say that many Star Wars fans are feeling #grateful. We now know how many cups of coffee were potentially drunk on the Death Star, and, of course, we’re all excited about the release of the Hans Solo Star Wars spinoff (which hopefully has lots of Chewie).

Luckily, the new Hans Solo movie has been the as the inspiration behind Denny’s new limited-time breakfast menu.

A Star Wars Fan’s Dream

Co-Reactor Pancake Breakfast: Two buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream, as well as Crystal Crunch Rocks (similar to Pop Rocks candy) and a warm citrus sauce “to pour over the pancakes to make ’em go pop.” The combo also comes with two eggs, hash browns and bacon or sausage.

Blaster Fire Burger: A hamburger with chipotle Gouda cheese, bacon, and Ghost Pepper sauce, along with lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickles on a brioche bun, plus a side of French fries.

Two Moons Skillet: Ham, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and hash browns, topped with a Gouda cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, and eggs.

Lightspeed Slam: Egg whites scrambled with fresh spinach and grape tomatoes, two turkey bacon strips, an English muffin, and fruit.

In addition to the dishes themselves, fans can also expect to see collector cups with a Millenium Falcon lid, and even opt to have their meal come with a side of trading cards. The exclusive $3 packs of two character cards will be sold with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit No Kid Hungry. The Solo menu is available starting today at participating Denny’s locations, 24/7, through June 26.

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