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Delve Into Sumptuous Sushi And Ramen Bowls At Shiro Mumbai


Stepping into Shiro felt like I’ve stepped into another world, far away from Mumbai. The comfortable aura around the place, the tranquil waterfalls, and the tall Buddha statues was a sight to behold. Usually it takes a long trip out of the city to experience such serenity and we’re lucky we found it close to home at Lower Parel.

The Ramen & Sushi Trails At Shiro

Shiro specialises in Pan Asian delicacies and since summers are here, the Ramen & Sushi Trails has come at the right time. The exotic flavours of the wholesome ramens and the top-notch sushi were an absolute delight to gorge on. This menu has been planned to keep the menu light, healthy and yet tasty. Did it manage to satiate our cravings for good food? Absolutely!

The Food

We began with the Rock Shrimp Tempura Maki which was rolled in nori seaweed. The crispy shrimp, the flavours of the Sriracha honey mayo and the sticky rice on the roll was a delight to eat. You’d forget dipping in your sushi in soy and wasabi the instant you realise how flavourful this roll is even without them. One of the best sushi we’ve had in a long time. Next we delved into Crystal Tempura Maki, a slightly spicy delight and we loved the fresh flavours of the prawns, the subtle cream cheese and cucumber. Really tasty. These were the two maki rolls that we enjoyed the most amidst the four options on the menu.

The Volcano Maki though not on our number one list was so, so good especially with the freshness of Philadelphia cream cheese and avocado. The Crispy Sweet Potato Tempura Maki is a delectable option for those who don’t like seafood. The crispies on top and the Japanese mayo made this a delicious treat.

We sipped onto our drinks – Peach and Chilli Martini and Guava & Coconut Mojito while waiting for our ramen bowls. We enjoyed the martini which with its subtle spices that complimented the weather beautifully. The mojito was tropical and went perfectly with the whole meal. The ramen we ordered were Korean Kimchi Pork Belly Ramen and Spicy Chicken Laksa Ramen. The kimchi ramen is also available with tofu or chicken instead of the pork belly. It was spicy, healthy with light wheat noodles, boiled eggs and greens. The good part about the ramen here was that it was flavourful, heart-warming and filling.

The best out of the two for us was the laksa ramen as it had a depth in the flavours thanks to the presence of coconut broth and tamarind. The chicken too was tender, the boiled eggs and well-cooked greens making it a wholesome, sumptuous meal. Just a bowl of this ramen in the afternoon and you’re sure to go full, satiated and yet not sleepy and bloated. Needless to say Laksa Ramen at Shiro ticked all the boxes for us.

We ended our meal on a sweet note with a Mandarin Chocolate Velvet Cake which was made without using flour. The chocolate mousse was soft, complementing the orange and almond cake and tasted simply wonderful. This dessert at Shiro is a must try for all chocoholics. Don’t miss out on the Ramen & Sushi Trails at Shiro Mumbai which is ongoing till the end of this month and savour a delicious laksa and some splendid maki rolls!

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